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Axis has Partnered with Symcap Insurance Agency

San Jose, California December 17, 2013— Axis Associated Insurance Brokers, LLC, The Next Generation of the Agency Cluster, is proud to announce their official partnership  with Symcap Insurance Agency to market and distribute personal and commercial insurance products through our unique agency cluster organization. The Southern California market is a major population and business hub for not only California, but the world business market.  From an insurance standpoint, having the ability to look at each risk individually, access their exposures and apply proper coverage to manage that risk takes experience, expertise and professionalism; this is what we found with Jeff Snyder at Symcap Insurance Services.

“We are very excited to partner with Jeff and build a long term relationship in the Manhattan Beach hub of Los Angeles. Jeff has an excellent product knowledge base for his commercial clientele and will have greatly expanded marketing capabilities through the Axis Network.  Symcap will incorporate the best business practices to drive dramatic organic growth for our Company partners” said Dean L. Fletcher, president, Axis Brokers. “Our primary goal is to partner with motivated, professional insurance agencies and provide a platform for exponential growth with our Insurance Company Partners. Jeff Snyder and Symcap Insurance are dedicated to their clients and providing the best possible protection available to protect their assets.”

About Symcap Insurance

Our office is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA and is focused on providing commercial insurance solutions to the entire greater Los Angeles community. At a time when most business is conducted digitally, we think it’s still important to be easily accessible to the areas where many of our clients work and live. For more information about Symcap Insurance go to

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