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What People are Saying About Us



Temecula, CA

"Affordability: Many clusters charge enormous fees that benefit only a few at the top, they often contract you into giving up your ownership of your book. Axis has a very generous membership offering, one of the fairest and strongest in the market today, that provides 100% ownership of your book, and high commission structure."


San Luis Obispbo, CA

"Axis has been great to work with as an Insurance Cluster. It has been a breathe of fresh air to get the service from an organization that you can tell cares about your Agency and its success. It truly feels as if they are putting Agencies before themselves, and it shows. With a team of professionals, Axis is always there when I need help. On top of that, Axis is continuing to strive to add new insurance carriers to an already great group of carriers to represent."

Testimonials: Our Agents

Otium Agency

Brea, CA

”I joined Axis Associated Brokers in 2013, shortly after I started my agency. Although I had extensive experience in marketing P&C business, I was in need of access to key markets to place my existing customer base. Axis has provided not only access to markets that would otherwise not be accessible by my brand new agency, but ease of doing business as well. They are there to help when I need it, and in whatever way I need it, but also let me deal with the underwriters and carriers directly to facilitate my clients’ needs. Dean and Bret regularly ask for input on growth and sustainability for the Axis Associated Brokers team of agencies, and they truly value the input from their agencies. I look forward to continued success working with Axis Associated Brokers!”

Otium Logo.jpg


Manhattan Beach, CA

“Axis has been an asset to our agency in many ways including access to markets we wouldn’t otherwise have enough premium to support, adopting processes and systems that help us reduce agency risk while enabling better tracking statistics, and fostering an environment of collaboration between agency principals where we can share ideas and learn from each other. As a growing agency we are also getting commission bonuses and a much faster track toward profit sharing ability than we would have on our own while still retaining 100% of commissions. At a minimum we have benefited through agency growth, marketing ideas, niche product/market alerts, technology upgrades, and carrier relationship support. I can only see this relationship becoming more and more valuable as time goes on.”

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